Honest Habits

POSTFLORAL came to be out of habit. I’ve spent over two years creating an almost daily pattern design because 1) I love patterns (in a serious way) and 2) I want to improve my illustration skills. I’ve made almost 800 of these bad boys, and my pattern designs have gotten waaay better. I’ve got this visual library of personal progress that reinforces the habit. If I can see that I’m actually improving, I’m more inclined to keep at it. But I’m also a person who knows I do well with external pressures and structures I feel obligated to adhere to. (Otherwise I would literally spiral into nothingness if left to my own devices.)

Habit is a beast. Bad habits, vices, are seemingly unavoidable and also necessary. But as someone who has literally stressed chewed so much gum I gave myself TMJ, I need help breaking those destructive practices and creating sustainable, healthy habits. Small things, like brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand so you feel like that hand is useful for once in its life, can become a productive habit. One day when you catch a precariously placed glass on the edge of the table with that non-dominant hand, that shit will have been worth an extra 3 minutes of brushing!

Getting into good habits, like my morning routine. I am nothing without my morning routine. My daily habit of a gentle yoga practice, some meditation, a long walk into work, these things are all crucial to get me out the door and into a good headspace to get things done. In a perfect world I would have time for a 5K every morning, a full 20 minutes of meditation, and a leisurely breakfast. But real life Hawnuh knows that is a dream world and will not commit to waking up a moment earlier than necessary. Cultivating habit through digestible steps and incrementalism is the only real way to maintain sanity. So yes, 15 minutes of yoga and 5 minutes of mediation is not a lot, but it makes a huge difference. I make time for the 5K’s after work during the week and realize that I just have to let some things go.

The habits I implement to keep creating work are most valuable to my design practice. Working towards mindfulness with my morning routine. Making better food decisions so I can maintain focus throughout a busy day. Putting time aside every evening to draw something, because no line is wasted. Trying to stay connected to the people who matter most, because those folks support your good habits. I’ll be breaking down good habits and vices more over the next few weeks, and talking to other creatives who have found success in their routines. It’s a constant process of evaluating what’s working, and what needs improvement.

I want POSTFLORAL to be a place where you can start cultivating your own sustainable habits. A place to talk and find encouragement, and know that this biz takes time. Be willing to push yourself to put in that time now and commit to finding your focus, so you can keep creating the work and life you want for yourself.

<3 Hawnuh Lee

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