List, life, love.

I talked about the importance of list making in my last post, because it’s a creative tool I routinely come back to during times of stress or anxiety. Something about seeing everything bulleted, numbered, or drawn out is incredibly soothing. Breaking down seemingly insurmountable tasks is much more manageable in smaller, achievable tasks.

I don’t reserve lists for just written to-do’s – anything that needs more categorization, or linear attention reads so nicely in list format. A drawn list of organic stone formations, ascending mountain peaks, identifiable icons in cultural artifacts – listing offers structure to my often wandering lines.


An important creative tool, and easily on hand, I put together an inspiration board of some awesome illustrative examples. I highly encourage making a list or two into your personal practice to supplement some of those more overwhelming tasks. What’s on your list? How often do you make one?

<3 H Lee

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