Getting back on track.

blue and white abstract pattern

Hello from the other side! Post employment that is. Some of you may know I recently made the decision to leave an incredibly stressful and often times demeaning job at an unnamed giant sportswear company (just don’t it.) It’s been a month and I’m in the uncertain process of figuring out what’s next. Let’s real talk. I’ve never not had […]

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Ghost + Ruby

Gearing up to head down to Desert X this weekend and looking forward to some quality headspace. Thought I’d share a new comic I’m working on, Ghost + Ruby, documenting the adventures of my sister and our incredibly anxious pup, Ruby. A canine literally afraid of everything and her best friend. More of a light-hearted look at anxiety. Longer post next week! […]

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POSTFLORAL Getting Started

This blog has gone through a few ideations, somewhat unclear in the beginning, but after quite a bit of thought (and drawing) I want PFLR to be a resource for a larger community. I love creating unique tools, and I’m super excited to share some brand new product in the coming weeks, and share more about this space. I’d also like to […]

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